What next?

Following the flurry of activity at the end of last year, things have quietened down regarding the City Centre West to East Cycle Link. Over the coming months, we will continue to put forward the benefits of cycle routes for our local community.

In the meantime, please do get in touch if you have comments or ideas that could help.

Other ways in which you can offer your support are to...

  • Re-submit your response to the Council's consultation on cycling in Roseburn Park (see below).
  • Continue to support Roseburn businesses. Tell others and post about your good experiences.
  • Join our facebook group.
  • Get involved in the council elections. Engage with prospective candidates and tell them how pleased you are that the West to East route has been given the go-ahead, including Option A at Roseburn. Ask for their ongoing support.
  • Join the West Edinburgh Pedal on Parliament feeder ride on 22nd April (details here).

Edinburgh Council Roseburn Park Consultation rerun

Responses from the Council's November consultation on changes to Quiet Route 8 were not recorded due to a technical fault.

Please respond to the consultation by 26th February so that all views are heard. We know that this route is used by many cyclists and is a useful link to the west of the city.

Go-ahead for Option A at Roseburn

City Edinburgh Council Visualisation of Roseburn Terrace

We are delighted that the Council has made the decision to go ahead with Option A at Roseburn.

At the Future Transport Working Group meeting on Friday, there was all-party support for the Option A route along Roseburn Terrace. Option A has been significantly enhanced for pedestrians and businesses as a result of the work put in by the Council's officers and local knowledge from the Stakeholder Group. The Group will continue to meet and act as a sounding board throughout the detailed design process, so that any problems can be tackled early on. In recognition of local concerns, there will be a comprehensive review 12 months after implementation.

This article from Spokes gives full details of the decision and suggestions for things that we can all do next.

Thank you to everyone who has given their support over recent months by providing material for this website, promoting the route on social media, turning up to meetings, 'riding the route' in August and writing to councillors.

I’m pleased we’ve now arrived at a final design for this bold and transformational project, which will make it so much easier to cycle and walk into and right through the city centre by linking up with our already well-used Quiet Routes across the north and west of Edinburgh. I recognise the concerns of local residents and businesses and I hope we can work with them in the coming months to ensure the project works for them too.

Councillor Lesley Hinds — Convenor, City Edinburgh Council Transport & Environment Committee


We view this project as a step change for the City of Edinburgh - one that acknowledges and emphasises the substantial benefits the scheme can bring to the city via efficient, healthy, active transport.

Daisy Narayanan, Acting Director, Sustrans Scotland

Join our Group

Our group has been in existence since March 2016. We set up to campaign in favour of the proposed E-W cycle route and specifically the section through Roseburn Terrace.

Now that the cycle route has progressed to the next stage, we have decided to become a formally constituted group, with the long-term aim of promoting good quality, safe cycle paths in the area and getting the best for all residents. We will continue to support the E-W route through detailed design and construction and to promote its benefits to the local community and politicians.

Membership is free, so if you agree with our aims and wish to show your support, please join here.

Other News

Since the council's decision to go ahead with the E-W cycle route, a Steering Group has been working on resolving the remaining design issues, including the decision on what route should be taken at Roseburn. We still expect a decision by the end of the year.

One of the route's supporters has produced this visualisation of Roseburn Terrace with Option A implemented. Let's hope that this becomes a reality and we have more to celebrate in 2017.

Cycle Route approved

We have a lot to celebrate:

  • The Ride-the-Route event was a huge success with nearly 200 cyclists joining to support the Cycle Route.
  • The Council have given approval for our City's East-West Cycle Route, with all political parties voting in support.
  • Work will start immediately to secure further funding and to make preparations to commence the necessary statutory processes for the scheme.  Lesley Hinds, the Transport Convener has confirmed that the timetable is unchanged: final design decisions by the end of year.
  • There will be a further attempt to gain consensus and the best design possible with a stakeholder working group.

The Council deferred some detailed design decisions — in particular the controversial Roseburn Terrace option A versus option B.  Some campaigners are criticising this as a fudge.  We feel that it's worth taking the time to embark on this transformational project with consensus rather than coercion.

This new stakeholder group will allow all interested parties to get round the table and thrash out the remaining issues, listening to each other's points of view and - hopefully - arriving at a conclusion which the majority are happy with so that the final route design can be agreed.

— Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener

We've made it clear on our site from the start: our claims are based on evidence and we're keen to listen to any other evidence for and against.  Read more: our analysis; Spokes detailed article; blog by Sustrans.

Final call for support

The Council have now published the report for the Transport and Environment Committee meeting on 30th August where Councillors will decide on the Cycle Route.  It's a detailed and thorough document spanning 43 pages, including a detailed analysis or concerns raised, design changes made, and comments.

Our executive summary is that the Council Cycling Team are offering a segregated direct cycle route, with numerous benefits, and welcomed by the majority of City residents who responded to the consultation.  Dozens of detailed concerns have been addressed, and there is clear evidence that the solution presented is the right one.

As expected, the report includes two options — see our analysis

  • Option A is direct, in keeping with the rest of the route
  • Option B diverts to the back roads yielding space to extra loading bays — mostly currently misused for parking

Most unusually, the Committee Report does not make any recommendation between the options, and says it is up to the Committee to decide.  This is a clear sign that political opinion is seriously divided.  We need to show our Councillors that we want the route done properly, rather than losing our nerve for the last section.

There have already been lots of compromises, most of which we support, to help other users.  Option B seems like a 'compromise' that nobody really benefits from.

[Option B] is a dog’s dinner of a compromise that really needs a lot more work

— Main campaigners against the route

A is the best option. Full stop. But it's even best in purely political sense because all hate B and one side likes A.

— Marco Biagi, former SNP minister on Twitter

Please make one last effort to show Councillors your support for the route and Option A — by email, social media, or joining our ride.  Please persuade all your friends to join in!


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