AGM - 12th March 2018

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Rejuvenating Roseburn - One of many ideas from Roseburn Primary School - Photo City of Edinburgh Council

Notice of AGM

We will be holding our AGM on 12th March 2018 7:30 to 9:00 pm at Murrayfield Parish Church Hall, Dove Lounge (accessed via rear doors). As well as the election of the committee for the coming year, there will be an opportunity to hear about progress on the detailed design for the City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL) and give us your ideas and feedback.

Nominations for new committee members and officers are welcome. Please contact us in advance of the meeting.

The agenda is

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Chair’s report - including current status of CCWEL project
  3. Secretary’s report
  4. Election of Chair, Secretary & committee members
  5. Any other business

CCWEL progress

Since our last newsletter, the Council has been working behind the scenes to progress on the detailed design. Ruridgh McMeddes sends out regular updates on this process. You can find his contact details here if you wish to sign up to the mailing list. 

The consultation period for the Traffic Regulation Order covering Roseburn to Haymarket is due to start in a few weeks time. The designs will be available online and community drop-in sessions will be arranged to give people the opportunity to view and comment on the plans. We will notify our members by newsletter once this process starts.

As part of the CCWEL project, Rejuvenating Roseburn is a project to improve the Old Colt Bridge area. It aims to create community space at the heart of Roseburn. The design is ongoing and the latest plans will be presented at the Murrayfield Community Council meeting on 27th February.

Save the date - Pedal on Parliament - 28th April

Pedal on Parliament this year is on 28th April. There will be a feeder ride from West Edinburgh which will be family friendly. Why not come along & enjoy the camaraderie as thousands of cyclists ask our politicians to make Scotland a cycle friendly country. Joining points will include Roseburn Park and the Russell Road 'zigzags'.

Vote with your bike...

Council Elections

With the City Council elections just around the corner, now is the time to quiz our candidates on what they will do for cycling if elected. The full lists of candidates are now available. Murrayfield Community Council will hold a hustings at 7pm on 25 April 2017 at 7pm at the Murrayfield Parish Church Hall and we encourage our members to go along to this event.

This article has some great suggestions for what you can do to help in the run up to the election, whether you have just 30 seconds or a whole day to spare. Don't forget to mention the City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL) specifically.

Pedal on Parliament 22nd April

Please join us as we 'Pedal on Parliament' on 22nd April. This is another fantastic opportunity for showing our candidates how much we care about active travel. Why not bring your friends along to the West Edinburgh feeder ride - an opportunity for a social ride in to get to The Meadows in time for the main event. We meet at 10:50 at the cricket hut in Roseburm Park ready to head off at 11:00.



What next?

Following the flurry of activity at the end of last year, things have quietened down regarding the City Centre West to East Cycle Link. Over the coming months, we will continue to put forward the benefits of cycle routes for our local community.

In the meantime, please do get in touch if you have comments or ideas that could help.

Other ways in which you can offer your support are to...

  • Re-submit your response to the Council's consultation on cycling in Roseburn Park (see below).
  • Continue to support Roseburn businesses. Tell others and post about your good experiences.
  • Join our facebook group.
  • Get involved in the council elections. Engage with prospective candidates and tell them how pleased you are that the West to East route has been given the go-ahead, including Option A at Roseburn. Ask for their ongoing support.
  • Join the West Edinburgh Pedal on Parliament feeder ride on 22nd April (details here).

Edinburgh Council Roseburn Park Consultation rerun

Responses from the Council's November consultation on changes to Quiet Route 8 were not recorded due to a technical fault.

Please respond to the consultation by 26th February so that all views are heard. We know that this route is used by many cyclists and is a useful link to the west of the city.

Go-ahead for Option A at Roseburn

City Edinburgh Council Visualisation of Roseburn Terrace

We are delighted that the Council has made the decision to go ahead with Option A at Roseburn.

At the Future Transport Working Group meeting on Friday, there was all-party support for the Option A route along Roseburn Terrace. Option A has been significantly enhanced for pedestrians and businesses as a result of the work put in by the Council's officers and local knowledge from the Stakeholder Group. The Group will continue to meet and act as a sounding board throughout the detailed design process, so that any problems can be tackled early on. In recognition of local concerns, there will be a comprehensive review 12 months after implementation.

This article from Spokes gives full details of the decision and suggestions for things that we can all do next.

Thank you to everyone who has given their support over recent months by providing material for this website, promoting the route on social media, turning up to meetings, 'riding the route' in August and writing to councillors.

I’m pleased we’ve now arrived at a final design for this bold and transformational project, which will make it so much easier to cycle and walk into and right through the city centre by linking up with our already well-used Quiet Routes across the north and west of Edinburgh. I recognise the concerns of local residents and businesses and I hope we can work with them in the coming months to ensure the project works for them too.

Councillor Lesley Hinds — Convenor, City Edinburgh Council Transport & Environment Committee


We view this project as a step change for the City of Edinburgh - one that acknowledges and emphasises the substantial benefits the scheme can bring to the city via efficient, healthy, active transport.

Daisy Narayanan, Acting Director, Sustrans Scotland

Join our Group

Our group has been in existence since March 2016. We set up to campaign in favour of the proposed E-W cycle route and specifically the section through Roseburn Terrace.

Now that the cycle route has progressed to the next stage, we have decided to become a formally constituted group, with the long-term aim of promoting good quality, safe cycle paths in the area and getting the best for all residents. We will continue to support the E-W route through detailed design and construction and to promote its benefits to the local community and politicians.

Membership is free, so if you agree with our aims and wish to show your support, please join here.

Other News

Since the council's decision to go ahead with the E-W cycle route, a Steering Group has been working on resolving the remaining design issues, including the decision on what route should be taken at Roseburn. We still expect a decision by the end of the year.

One of the route's supporters has produced this visualisation of Roseburn Terrace with Option A implemented. Let's hope that this becomes a reality and we have more to celebrate in 2017.


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