Go-ahead for Option A at Roseburn

City Edinburgh Council Visualisation of Roseburn Terrace

We are delighted that the Council has made the decision to go ahead with Option A at Roseburn.

At the Future Transport Working Group meeting on Friday, there was all-party support for the Option A route along Roseburn Terrace. Option A has been significantly enhanced for pedestrians and businesses as a result of the work put in by the Council's officers and local knowledge from the Stakeholder Group. The Group will continue to meet and act as a sounding board throughout the detailed design process, so that any problems can be tackled early on. In recognition of local concerns, there will be a comprehensive review 12 months after implementation.

This article from Spokes gives full details of the decision and suggestions for things that we can all do next.

Thank you to everyone who has given their support over recent months by providing material for this website, promoting the route on social media, turning up to meetings, 'riding the route' in August and writing to councillors.

I’m pleased we’ve now arrived at a final design for this bold and transformational project, which will make it so much easier to cycle and walk into and right through the city centre by linking up with our already well-used Quiet Routes across the north and west of Edinburgh. I recognise the concerns of local residents and businesses and I hope we can work with them in the coming months to ensure the project works for them too.

Councillor Lesley Hinds — Convenor, City Edinburgh Council Transport & Environment Committee


We view this project as a step change for the City of Edinburgh - one that acknowledges and emphasises the substantial benefits the scheme can bring to the city via efficient, healthy, active transport.

Daisy Narayanan, Acting Director, Sustrans Scotland