We would like to thank all who have worked so hard to create preliminary designs agreed by an all-party consensus.

  • Councillor Lesley Hinds – convenor of the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee.

  • Our elected representatives, especially our own Councillors Frank Ross, Jeremy Balfour and Paul Edie and the Future Transport Working Committee, consisting of Councillors Lesley Hinds, Adam McVey, Nick Cook, Nigel Bagshaw and Robert Aldridge.

  • The Council’s officers, who have faced a huge task in revising and re-revising the designs to address concerns from the community.

  • The members of the Stakeholder Group, including the Roseburn Traders, Murrayfield Community Council and Spokes, whose feedback has resulted in a more workable design.

  • All those who have supported the proposal by writing to their councillors, publicising the benefits and ‘riding the route’.