West to east cycle link

Edinburgh City Council is developing the West-East Cycle Link, crossing the city from west to east and linking Roseburn to Leith Walk via Haymarket and George Street.  The route supports the Council's overall Vision for Transport which seeks "By 2030 to make Edinburgh's transport system one of the most environmentally friendly, healthiest and most accessible in Northern Europe".Read more

CCWEL — a route to be proud of

Roseburn Terrace visualisation

The City Transformation Survey found that 88% of people support changes to mobility and place quality in the city, with 51% in support of radical change.

The facts for Roseburn businesses

Local businesses are campaigning about the loss of parking but the facts don't support it:

Nearby short-term parking will increase from 12 to 49 spaces, with time limits increased from 30 minutes to 2 hours

The new cycle route helps businesses reach out to a variety of customers:

  • Increased attractiveness to pedestrians with a crucial new crossing.
  • New opportunities for business from passing cyclists.
  • Modern stream-lined traffic signals and removal of bottlenecks target congestion and pollution.

Numerous studies from around the world show again and again that bike lanes do not adversely affect local businesses.  National and local government reports confirm the economic benefits of cycling.Read more

Why we need a cycle route

Car-dominated transport is increasingly struggling to meet the needs of a growing city.  The negative aspects are becoming more apparent — congestion, air pollution, emissions, traffic accidents and parking problems.  Not everyone can or wants to give up, but thousands of people would with a suitable route.  The current meandering back routes with difficult sections on main roads are clearly not proving attractive to the majority of potential cyclists.

Investing in public transport, cycling and walking helps take cars off the road, keeping our cities moving and growing sustainablyTransport Works

The Proposal offers a safe, convenient and direct route into the city centre, which would help people to chose to cycle more and drive less.Read more

About our Group

We are the “Roseburn Cycle Route Support Group,” a group of local residents working to promote good-quality cycle routes in Roseburn and Murrayfield. 

We've spent hundreds of hours gathering the facts about the West-East Cycle Link.

  1. Even if you don't cycle, the Cycle Route has big benefits for you
  2. Common concerns don't match the facts
  3. The Council's listened to feedback, and the approved designs addressed key concerns.

To join our Group please contact us — membership is free

Our promise

Our site is evidence-based, including the disadvantages.  We are ready to engage in discussion with anyone.  Tell us about errors or omissions and we'll fix them as soon as we can.Read more