Existing Route - NCN1

Some people are suggesting that we don't need a new route because there is the existing cycle route National Cycle Network 1 (NCN1) is in the vicinity of the proposed cycle route.  NCN1, shown on this video, is not a segregated cycle path — it's just a signed route along shared-use paths.  NCN1 takes a route beside the tram lines down Haymarket Yards, then through a residential car park to Balbernie Place.  After that, it heads North, so Westbound cyclists have to join the main road along Russell Road.

Since the introduction of the trams, NCN1 is dangerous, and what's more it's longer than the alternatives, has sections which involve conflict between cyclists, pedestrians and trams, and at each end leaves cyclists on busy roads.  Without the proposed new cycle route, the cycle journey from Roseburn Place to Haymarket via Russell Road then NCN1 is not attractive and will not result in the uptake in cycling that the city needs.

  • Cyclists have to cross the busy A8.
  • Exit from Roseburn Gardens is highly dangerous as oncoming cars routinely cut the corner at speed taking a “rat run”.
  • Roseburn Street and Russell Road are busy with a congested junction between them.
  • The entry to the cycle path at Russel Road is steep with zigzags.
  • The route passes through a residential car park.
  • The path by the Institute of Chartered Accountants is narrow and shared with pedestrians.
  • Traffic lights and tricky tram crossing at Haymarket yards.
  • Very narrow path alongside tram tracks that has caused several injuries, and is extremely difficult for some types of bikes, for example those with child trailers.
  • Difficult exit onto busy junction to rejoin A8 at Haymarket.

Map annotation and chart courtesy of local Twitter writer andy arthur @cocteautriplets, map data credit Google Earth©.

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