Enthusiastic Edinburgh cyclists

There are thousands of people in Edinburgh keen to make more journeys by bike.  We're not just talking about a handful of recreational club riders.  Ordinary people of all ages and levels of cycling experience are enthusiastic to leave their cars at home and make their journey by bike instead.


Census data indicates that for trips along the route corridor, the base number of one-way commuter cycle trips is 1,675. Based on the scheme improvements, the potential number of one-way commuter cycle trips is 3,142, an additional 1,467 (88% increase) one-way commuter trips on the route.

— Atkins consultants Preliminary Justification Report


A 2015 survey of 1100 Edinburgh residents shows the level of enthusiasm for cycling.

  • 23% "Do not ride a bike but would like to."
  • 72% "Things would be better if people in general rode bikes."

Local activities

The main barrier to increased cycle journeys is the lack of safe and direct routes.  It's clear from the volume of calls for support that local people want better Cycle Routes and would use them.

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