Detailed design

Roseburn Terrace - Visualisation by City Edinburgh Council

The Council have published "finalised preliminary designs" for the City Centre West to East Cycle Link (CCWEL).  After 1000s of hours work by Council Cycling Officers, and detailed consultations with 100s of affected businesses and community groups, the plans offer a careful balance to benefit the whole community.  Alls Visualisations on this page come from the City Edinburgh Council website.


Community benefits:

  1. New pedestrian crossings by Tesco's and wider pavements result in a more pleasant shopping environment and improved pedestrian safety.

  2. The narrow, busy Roseburn Gardens rat-run will be blocked, bring safer, quieter, cleaner streets making in the area around the park and primary school.

  3. Junction improvements by Tesco's increasing traffic throughput with improved junction design, modern intelligent signals and optimised signal timings.

  4. Rationalisation of parking and loading.  Whilst there is a modest reduction on Roseburn Terrace itself, there are compensatory increases in nearby short stay parking and an allowance for some 24 hour loading.  The revised designs avoid the situation that's currently all-to-common where a single car loading Westbound close to the lights can block 100s of vehicles waiting to go straight on.

  5. The eastbound bus stop will move slightly to the west, meaning those exiting Roseburn Cliff by car have a better view and bus users are separated from the cycle path.

For cyclists, the key good news is that there is a segregated two-way cycle path along Roseburn Terrace.  This provides a vital safe and direct connection from Corstorphine Road and Roseburn Park to join the CCWEL towards Haymarket and the City Centre.

Roseburn Terrace  - Visualisation by City Edinburgh Council

Beyond Roseburn

From Roseburn, the cycle path continues along West Coates, Roseberry Crescent, Bishops Walk and Melleville Street to connect with George Street.



Priority crossings for pedestrians and cyclists with "Copenhagen style" junctions like this one on Coates Gardens





A safe, segregated route at Haymarket relieves one of the City's worst cycle accident black spots and encourages people to leave the car behind and instead "bike-and-ride".




Redesign of Bishop's Walk transforms a narrow, bumpy, shared-use path into a wide smooth one with separate allocated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.




Upgrade of the link from Melville Street to Charlotte Square gives cyclists a safe route into the City Centre with minimal conflicts with pedestrians or cars.  Segregated paths are safer and more convenient for all.