Traffic Survey

On 14th May 2019 from 7.45-9.15, we counted traffic of different types passing through Roseburn.  The main count took place on the A8 just to the West of Roseburn centre, by the junction with Riversdale Crescent.  We also counted in Roseburn Park (on Quiet Routes 8 and 9) at the crossing with the entrance to the Ice Rink.

Key points

  1. 23% of private vehicles were bikes.  All of these and more are likely to use the CCWEL once it is completed.
  2. 82% of cars were single-occupancy.  Any measures to improve public transport and active travel will reduce congestion and pollution.
  3. 87% of vehicles in the park at the Ice Rink junction were bikes.  We need to give priority to the bikes and pedestrians.

Total Vehicles (A8 & Roseburn Park)

Vehicle Type Count Percentage
Bicycles 385 15%
Cars & motorcycles (single occupancy) 1060 42%
Cars & motorcycles (with passenger) 238 9%
Commercial (buses, vans, taxis) 854 34%

Roseburn Park

Vehicle Type Count Percentage
Bicycles 263 87%
Motor Vehicles 38 13%