Loss of parking and loading

Based on the initial design, local businesses were concerned about the reduction of parking and loading in Roseburn Terrace, and the corresponding loss of business.  The Council listened, and have found a solution which preserves off-peak loading for around 10 cars (down from 18 at present). In compensation, there is an increase in peak time loading available from zero to 5 cars.  Further more, there is lots of new parking and loading in the adjacent streets, all less than two minutes walk from the shops.

Businesses can look forward to continued custom from motorists, new custom from passing cyclists, and increases to pedestrian shoppers coming from the more attractive shopping environment.  Studies show that cycle paths bring business to compensate.

Loading is not shopping

Loading is vital for local businesses to allow deliveries and for customers who are collecting bulky items.  The formal definition is:

continuously loading or unloading [...] to move heavy or bulky goods

— Edinburgh Council Guide to parking in Edinburgh

Right now, the loading bays on Roseburn Terrace typically contain cars that show no signs of loading and are presumably breaking parking regulations.  Shoppers are entitled to use ten 30 minute parking bays on adjacent roads, all within one minute walk of the shops. Further unrestricted parking is available in adjacent streets.

Enforcement needed

Right now, enforcement of parking regulations is minimal.  Vehicles parked in loading bays on Roseburn Terrace have a negative impact on our community:

  • Shoppers are blocking legitimate loading.
  • Parked cars make the area unpleasant and more dangerous for pedestrians and shoppers.
  • Parking restricts the traffic flow and contributes to congestion.

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