New generation of cycle routes

The Proposal is part of a new generation cycle routes that are safe and direct.  Common in towns like Copenhagen and Amsterdam and being increasingly implemented in London, these routes provide safe cycle routes for many thousands of cyclists who might otherwise be in cars.

These paths are suitable for all and busy with ordinary people cycling.  There are family groups, youngsters, novice cyclists and people in office clothes.  Kids can use them, which is one less car on the school run.  Disabled people can gain independence through safe cycling.

Increases in cycling will come about based on improvements to facilities.  Meandering back routes that have difficult sections on main roads are not attractive.  The existing path on Middle Meadow Walk carries around 1500 bicycles every day.  Stating that we don't need any changes because we already have existing routes like NCN1 is like saying we have GP surgeries, primary schools and B roads so don't need hospitals, universities and motorways.

The visibility of the direct proposed route helps to draw more people to the benefits of cycling.  When people in cars stuck in jams can see cyclists gliding past them, some will realise that bikes use much less space on the road than cars, and think

I could do that, what is stopping me?

Revising the priorities

The new generation routes include road features to promote and protect cyclists and pedestrians.  The so-called "Copenhagen style" junction gives them priority over cars when crossing side roads.

Success in London

Cycle routes in London have made cycling more popular and safer than ever before.  Transport for London report amazing growth of cycling in London from 8% to 37% (percentage cyclist from total journeys by cyclists and motorists).  Accident figures are the lowest since records began.  Videos with many cyclists and shared use.

Segregated routes

Everyone benefits from keeping cars, bikes and pedestrians in 3 separate spaces:

  • cars don't get stuck behind bikes
  • cyclists are many times safer from death or serious injury, keeping youngsters safe
  • pedestrians are safer compared to shared use links such as the busy canal path.

Surveys show that people around the world will flock to protected lanes, with 50-600% increases in cycle traffic.