About our Group

We are the “Roseburn Cycle Route Support Group,” a group of local residents working to promote good-quality cycle routes in Roseburn and Murrayfield. 

We've spent hundreds of hours gathering the facts about the West-East Cycle Link.

  1. Even if you don't cycle, the Cycle Route has big benefits for you
  2. Common concerns don't match the facts
  3. The Council's listened to feedback, and the approved designs addressed key concerns.

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Our promise

Our site is evidence-based, including the disadvantages.  We are ready to engage in discussion with anyone.  Tell us about errors or omissions and we'll fix them as soon as we can.

Our aims

The aims of the Group are

  • To promote good quality cycle routes in and through the Roseburn area that are safe, direct and suitable for all.

  • To get the best for all residents, noting that Cycle Routes have many benefits even for those who don't cycle.

  • To encourage cycle routes in line with the Edinburgh Council 2030 Transport Vision and Sustrans Guidelines.

  • To take an evidence-based approach to decision making on transport matters, for example to publicise evidence such as this Business case for bike lanes.

Our Committee

Our committee consists of Rosie Bell (Secretary), James Hulme, Euan Renton, Henry Whaley (Chair) — contact us.

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