Strong support for Cycle Route

Edinburgh Council published the official Consultation Report today, and we are delighted to hear that the route is strongly supported.  72% of respondents strongly support the need to invest, and only 15% strongly oppose.

Roseburn Terrace: 74% strongly/support the proposals whilst 24% are in opposition. Concerns relate to potential congestion and the impact of trade for local businesses. However, many respondents felt the scheme will improve safety and encourage cycling.

— Consultation Report section 16.2

The next step for the Council is a detailed design review, which is already underway.  We are looking forward to seeing a design that maintains the key principles that will make the route a success with some detailed improvements to take into account feedback.

Successful launch

Day 2, now up to 71 Twitter followers

We launched our site yesterday, and have been delighted with the response.  Within 12 hours of launch, we had 1,155 visitors to the site, and 58 followers on Twitter (now up to 71 on day 2).  Thank you all for your interest and positive comments.

After 100s of hours of hard work researching the facts, our vision has been vindicated.  People really are interested in a reasoned analysis.

Please keep following us (on Twitter or via newsletter subscription using the sidebar on the website) as we hope to have more news to report tomorrow, 27th May.  The Council cycling team expect to publish the results of the feedback from consultation.


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