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Our group has been in existence since March 2016. We set up to campaign in favour of the proposed E-W cycle route and specifically the section through Roseburn Terrace.

Now that the cycle route has progressed to the next stage, we have decided to become a formally constituted group, with the long-term aim of promoting good quality, safe cycle paths in the area and getting the best for all residents. We will continue to support the E-W route through detailed design and construction and to promote its benefits to the local community and politicians.

Membership is free, so if you agree with our aims and wish to show your support, please join here.

Other News

Since the council's decision to go ahead with the E-W cycle route, a Steering Group has been working on resolving the remaining design issues, including the decision on what route should be taken at Roseburn. We still expect a decision by the end of the year.

One of the route's supporters has produced this visualisation of Roseburn Terrace with Option A implemented. Let's hope that this becomes a reality and we have more to celebrate in 2017.