Rejuvenating Roseburn - our response to the survey

Rejuvenating Roseburn is a public realm improvement project included within the CCWEL cycle route scheme. It is one of many measures for the benefit of the wider community. The Council are consulting on the proposals and we have fed back our thoughts relating to how it affects people who want to cycle and the overall impact on the Roseburn community. Since our group is focussed on cycling and infrastructure, we did not give an opinion on some of the questions.

You can complete the survey here. The completion deadline is 7th May 2019.

Here are our answers to the key questions

5. In general, to what extent do you support or oppose the proposals shown in the Roseburn Questionnaire document? Support

6. To what extent do you think these proposals will enhance the amenity of the Roseburn area? Enhance

7. To what extent do you think these proposals enhance the amenity value of the Water of Leith in Roseburn? Enhance

9. What (if any) is your favourite part of these proposals? The plans enhance the environment and facilities for people on foot, on bikes and wanting to enjoy Roseburn. The design of the Old Coltbridge has considered the practicalities of the shared cycle and footpath, which is an important link to the residential areas and school to the north of Roseburn Terrace.

15. Do you have any comments, or is there anything else that you would like to see in this place? We are very pleased that Rejuvenating Roseburn has been included in the CCWEL as we feel it will enhance our area and make it less dominated by the main road passing through.

We have several minor concerns. Please would you confirm that

i. As a shared cycle and pedestrian space, the surface of the Old Coltbridge will be suitable. For example, any setts are flat and the surface is designed to minimise slipping when wet / icy?

ii. There will be measures to ensure that cars are not able to park on the foot-way or cycle path in Murrayfield Place? We have observed many instances of cars and trucks parking on the pavement and cycle path in Leith Walk.

iii. The possibility of extending the CCWEL to the west has been planned for in these designs?