Consultation results

City Edinburgh Council visualisation - cycle route and new pedestrian crossings Crossing and
City Edinburgh Council visualisation - cycle route and new pedestrian crossings

Edinburgh Council have published the results from the Traffic Order consultation for the City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL).

This document is the briefing from Council Officers to the Councillors on the Transport and Environment Committee who meet on 20th June.  The Council unanimously approved the route last year, and since then there have been hundreds of improvements and compromises.  Nevertheless the meeting is an important next step for the CCWEL, so please do contact your Councillors to remind them that the route has widespread support.  You can use ideas and facts from our site, but try to use your own words.

It is long and detailed document, so we've put together a summary.

  • There were 94 responses compared with thousands getting involved earlier in the consultation.  This suggests that the majority of people are content now that the Council Officers have resolved problems and are offering local residents so much with Rejuvenating Roseburn.
  • There were 47 objections.  These technical consultations don't have a formal mechanism to show support but, due to the exceptional public interest in this issue, it also gathered 43 letters of support.
  • The Council Officers are recommending that 13 of these objections require a public hearing unless withdrawn.  The remainder have been addressed by amendments or explanatory responses.
  • Only 4 areas are affected by the objections, so the Councillors are invited to approve the remainder of the route.