Options at Roseburn

In response to some vocal localised opposition at Roseburn, the Council Cycling Team have put forward an "option B" at Roseburn.

  • Option A is direct, in keeping with the rest of the route.
  • Option B diverts to the back roads yielding space to extra loading bays — mostly currently misused for parking.

As the designs have evolved, there have been lots of compromises, most of which we support, to help other users.  Option B seems like a compromise that nobody wants.

[Option B] is a dog’s dinner of a compromise that really needs a lot more work

— Main campaigners against the route

A is the best option. Full stop. But it's even best in purely political sense because all hate B and one side likes A.

— Marco Biagi, former SNP minister on Twitter

Problems with Option B

  1. Confident cyclists from Costorphine are likely to continue down Roseburn Terrace, ending up on the main carriageway whilst there is a protected cycle route on the opposite side of the road.  This is likely to be frustrating for motorists trying to overtake, and would act as a symbol of failed cycling investment.
  2. Likely to lose Sustrans 50% funding for this section, and our City would pay the whole cost.
  3. Less attractive to cyclists: indirect and many crossings.
  4. As the Cycle Route becomes busier, these crossings will inevitably create further barriers to the flow of motor traffic.
  5. Potential conflict with Tesco deliveries which could be dangerous for cyclists.  It's not clear whether Tesco have been consulted.
  6. Restricted junction of Roseburn Street and Roseburn Terrace would likely reduce junction flow, especially for HGVs.  It would make it harder for emergency vehicles to bypass stationary traffic.
  7. Businesses miss out on new custom from passing cyclists.
  8. Much less safe for kids cycling to school.  Option A has just one signalled lollipop crossing.  B adds 3 new unsupervised crossings.

The school is stuck in a vicious circle as parents drive children to school to keep them safe from traffic and so create more traffic which puts parents off letting children walk or cycle to school.
— Eilidh Troup, Roseburn Primary parent

Map cutting from Council Preliminary Design (Copyright Atkins Limited) included in the report to Transport and Environment Committee.