Campaign Against

There is a local residents campaign against the Cycle Route with a website "Kids Not Suits", which we will refer to as KNS.

If you read their site, you will notice that the style is combative: everything about the path is bad; supporters of the Route are portrayed as incompetent, or non-existent; strong claims are made that often don't stand up to a detailed analysis of the facts.  Nonetheless, KNS have done useful work in raising awareness of some important points, resulting in some improvements to the design.  They see this as a "partial victory", and so do we — anything that benefits Roseburn is good for us.

"WhyBike" Survey

There are many existing surveys showing that people don’t want to mix with motorised vehicles and that safe segregated cycle lanes would help encourage more cycling.  These surveys, carried out by professional, independent market research companies, are representative and provide a clear indicator of the views of the people of Edinburgh.

The KNS Group have started a survey of their own, WhyBike, but it's very different.  Due to the way the survey has been set up, the results are likely to indicate the views of just one opinion group, ignoring others.  As we explain in detail, the RV group survey is better described as a petition.  It is likely that many of the respondents have already signed the previous RV petitions.  While councillors should note a certain number of responses are against, the survey says nothing about the proportion of opinion in the City as a whole.

"Roseburn Vision"

The KNS group have put forward what they refer to as "The Roseburn Vision", which we will refer to as the RVOur analysis is that the proposal has significant flaws, not least of which is that it will likely double the cost of the entire E-W route due to loss of 50% funding from Sustrans as it doesn't meet their criteria.

It's important to note that the RV came after the petition.  The petition is a strong call for some changes (which the Council are addressing), but it doesn't specifically support the RV.

Original Petition

KNS started a petition at the end of 2015, and delivered a leaflet to local residents in Spring 2016.  Our analysis is that the petition reflects some strong local concerns.  However, the case being made against the route is based on a lot of false information and mistaken assumptions that do not stand up to scrutiny.